1. Do you open Swiss bank accounts for non residents ?Yes we do: Most of our clients are non-residents. We have clients more than 100 countries.

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  2. Can I close my account whenever I wish ?Yes! There are no restrictions when it comes to closing an account in Switzerland. You are free to close your account if you wish. The procedure is immediate and cost-free. Of course, if your money is invested, it generally takes a day or two to liquidate positions, but even so, no one will prevent you from withdrawing your funds or charge you a financial penalty.

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  3. Do you deal with banks that have branches in my country ?No ! Swiss banks are what they are (secure and private) because they are Swiss companies in Switzerland. A foreign branch of a Swiss bank would be a local bank owned by the Swiss bank. This local bank would not be different from any of the banks you have been dealing with in your country. It would not be bound by Swiss bank secrecy laws but rather by the laws of the country where it is. This also means that you cannot make withdrawals nor deposits on your Swiss bank account from a non-Swiss subsidiary of the bank.

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  4. I am not 18 yet. Can I open an account ?No! You need to be 18 year old to open the account. We understand that you may be below 18 and already have an independent financial life, but unfortunately by law Swiss banks cannot open accounts for non-residents below 18. The only solution we can offer is to begin the procedure shortly before you turn 18 and open the account on your birthday.

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  5. Which bank will my account be opened with ?We have a large list of banks in Switzerland – Many of which have been in operations for over 100 years. Each account corresponds to one or more banks.

    There are more than 400 banks in Switzerland. Each is different and specializes in particular type of clients or services. They can be divided in several groups:

    We work with banks in all categories. Which bank is right for you depends on many things, such as where you live, how much you plan to deposit and what you will do with the money. Please visit the account description pages to read more about each account and the requirements of each account.

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  6. Is there a deposits insurance in Switzerland? Do you have a Swiss FDIC ?There’s no government deposit insurance in Switzerland. But your deposits are probably safer in a Swiss bank than in most other banks in the world. Here’s why:

    Swiss banks have a private deposits insurance – Swiss banks have signed an agreement by which they agree to compensate depositors for up to Sfr.30’000 of their deposits in a bank if that bank goes bankrupt. Each bank would then pay a share of the total compensation proportional to their size. The Swiss postal is an exception since all deposits are fully guaranteed by the Swiss Government.

    Swiss banks don’t go bankrupt – Swiss banks have some of the strongest balance sheets in the world. They are regulated by the Swiss Federal Banking commission, the federal watchdog, which enforces very strict rules. Almost the only instances when banks encounter difficulties, about once in a decade, are for small savings and loans that loaned too much money on too little collateral. They are usually bought out by a larger bank.

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  7. Can I choose the bank ?Each account we offer is opened with a specific bank. You find the bank conditions in each account description. You choose the bank when you order your account. We select the bank with the best conditions at present from a permanently updated list of banks with the best price-ratio. We do not, however, give out the names of the banks before you actually fill an order.

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Our Services
  1. What are the benefits of your services? Why do I need to pay to open an account ?Opening a bank account in Switzerland is not like opening one in your home country, where all you need is a walk into any bank down the street with your driver’s license and 10$. Swiss banks are very cautious in dealing with new clients wich are not introduced by somebody they know.

    Using our bank introduction services, you benefit from the intimate knowledge of a professional. Finally, we make sure the opening procedure is as quick and straightforward as possible.

    Our service brings you many benefits:

    • You benefit from the neutral advice of a professional with an intimate knowledge of Swiss banks. This enables you to get the most out of your Swiss bank account right away. In many cases we can obtain better terms for our clients – lower commissions, lower agios, lower minimum balance, less restrictions on facilities offered, etc…
    • You can compare the facilities offered by various banks – without having to explain why you want an account to three dozens bank clerks in a dozen banks. Most banks have many restrictions to what facilities you will actually get and you usually learn about it after you have opened your account.
    • We can open accounts by mail . We opened hundreds of accounts for clients all over the world and can provide quick and reliable service so that you will not need to come to Switzerland to get your account opened.
    • Through us you are assigned seasoned, professional and efficient account managers. In any given bank, there are good account managers and not-so-good ones. The good ones are always busy with clients and take only the most promising new clients or those sent by people they know, such as us.

    We specialize in helping international clients open the Swiss bank account that will match their needs. We are not a bank and offer neutral advice and assistance in selecting and opening the right account for your needs in the right bank. We assist you through the entire account opening process by e-mail.

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  2. Is it safe to order with ?Yes – For Sure. Ordering with us is than safe. We use the latest data encryption techniques so that your data is safely transmitted across the internet. When you apply for a Swiss bank account on our site, your data is encrypted using SSL (secure socket layer) up to 128 bits so that nobody can intercept your application. Then, your application is processed in our headquarters in Germany before going to the bank.

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  3. How can you open Swiss bank accounts with no minimum balance requirements?Most Swiss banks will open you an account only if you deposit at least a million Swiss francs. These banks specialize in wealth management for private international clients and it would not be economically feasible for them to open smaller accounts.

    We have clients who deposit more than a million Swiss francs. But not all of them do. Our company’s role is to enable as many people as possible to take advantage of the convenience, security and privacy of a Swiss bank account. To do this every year we visit dozens of Swiss banks to compare services and negociate terms and conditions for our clients, including those who plan to deposit only a few thousand dollars.

    The result is that we are able to offer a whole array of Swiss bank accounts with excellent, long established Swiss banks for both larger and smaller deposits.

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  4. How much do you charge to open an account? Is this a one-time charge? When do I pay it?Our company charge an one-time fee for our account opening services. We select the bank with the best conditions at present from a permanently updated list of banks with the best price-ratio. The fee is payable when you order the account and is fully refundable if the bank rejects your application. It is not refundable if you cancel your application.

    You find the prices to order our opening service for each account in the ‘Order Now’ area or when reading each account description. Prices are listed in EUR but can be paid in any currency.

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  5. What happens when I click on ‘Order Now’?When you click on the ‘Order Now’ button on our website, you will be taken after payment to our application form where you can fill in your name, date of birth, type of account you wish and other information needed to open your account.

    As soon as we have approved your application and we have verified your payment of the account set-up fee already, we will begin the account opening process immediately. If we cannot approve your application or we didn’t received your payment, we will not charge you anything. You find the complete opening procedure at the Our Service page.

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  6. Will you refund me if the bank rejects my application?If the bank does not accept to open your account, which is very rare, you will receive a full refund. This refund is applicable only if you have sent us all documents we need to open the account, not if you decide to cancel..

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    If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.