Easy setup and opening…

  • Please fill out the application form at our order page.
  • After reception of your order and payment we will start the opening process.
  • Please sign the documents and send them back to the bank.
  • The bank will confirm the opening of your new offshore bank account.
  • If you wish to you can now order a VISA or Mastercard credit card.
  • You only pay actual bank charges for the services you use.

If you are interested in our services we ask you to apply via our web site. To start the opening procedure please click on the ‘Order Now’ button so you will be taken to our application form. Please fill in your personal data and other information needed to open your account. We will send all information to pay the one-time service fee after your order.

As soon as we have approved your application and we have verified your payment of the one-time service fee, we will start the account opening process immediately.

After your payment

After we have approved your order we will send all information to apply for your offshore bank account. Please fill out the forms completely and sign them at the scheduled fields. After you returned the application forms with all necessary documents back to the bank, your account is set up after further 3-5 working days and you will get the access data by post delivered. Your new Offshore bank account is from then on fully usable.

If the bank does not accept to open your account, which is very rare, you will receive a full refund. This refund is applicable only if you have sent all documents the bank need to open the account, not if you decide to cancel.

All applications/contact data/e-mails are saved encoded at our company and will be deleted securely after completed transaction.

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